Meet The Team Hailsham

Meet The Team Hailsham



Robin Thomas

Robin has over 20 years experience as a senior teacher and leading practitioner in classroom and behaviour management. He worked in secondary mainstream and SEN, teaching Music, Drama, English and Music tech. In a previous life he was a professional singer and a Butlins Redcoat in his teens. No wonder his lessons were always so entertaining!

Maria Allan

Maria has always had a passion for science and started her career as a Quality Control Scientist. She then went into teaching and has taught for 15 years in the primary sector. Maria has coordinated both key stage 2 and her subject specialism, science. Her goal to enrich children’s education was always a priority and extra curricular activities offered ranged from creative arts to sports clubs. When not looking after her 3 children, Maria loves singing, running and most importantly, catching up with her nearest and dearest.


The Hailsham Team can be contacted on 01323 885321 or