Meet The Team Hailsham

Meet The Team Hailsham



Robin Thomas

Robin has over 20 years experience as a senior teacher and leading practitioner in classroom and behaviour management. He worked in secondary mainstream and SEN, teaching Music, Drama, English and Music tech. In a previous life he was a professional singer and a Butlins Redcoat in his teens. No wonder his lessons were always so entertaining!

Debbie Botting

Debbie has recently joined the Academic Choice team. She is a Mother of two children who both go to school in Seaford and Debbie herself is Treasurer for the PTA.

As well as working with our current clients, she deals with much of the office administration, liaising with the staff in Hagley to keep operations and systems in sync. She also has the task of keeping Robin in check and the branch supplied with sweet treats.


The Hailsham Team can be contacted onĀ 01323 356007 or